Do you dream of long, beautiful hair, and you do not like the “transition period” when they are being introduced?

Or maybe during one short visit to the hair salon, would you like to change your short hairstyle into a storm of gorgeous, long hair?

We have the perfect solution for you – hairtalk extensions products!

100% natural hair

beautiful, soft and shiny

Ultra thin tape

imperceptible when worn and medically tested for dermatological

Extra fast application

it takes less than an hour to extend or thicken the hair

A wide range of colors

the possibility of any combination of colors

Long-lasting effect

one-time application is enough for about 2 months of use

Hairtalk or the hairtalk dealer cannot be held responsible for the condition of your hairtalk hairwear/ hairband, if you use other hair care products than those recommended by hairtalk.

Hairband instantly pumps up the volumeand maximizes length for a gorgeous head of extensions in less than 5 minutes, giving you added volume and effortless style anytime.

Made from 100% Remy Human Hair andplaced on a special hairtalk extension tape, hairband stretches to fit every head shape and size, truly making it the must-have accessory for every woman.

Create gorgeous ombre inspired hues without ever lifting or damaging your own natural hair. Beginning with a natural shade, colormelts gradually melt into a second and third hue.

This patent-pending technology createsa remarkable gradation that can only befashioned by top colorists.