S T Y L I S T
Hair cuttingShortMediumLong
Hair cutting with styling140PLN160 PLN180PLN
Men’s haircutting100 PLN110 PLN120 PLN
Child’s haircutting (up to 8)80 PLN90 PLN100 PLN
Machine haircutting70 PLN  
Global colouring + styling320 PLN350 PLN400 PLN
Global colouring + hair cutting370 PLN410 PLN450 PLN
Sunkissed highlights/roots retouch + styling400 PLN460 PLN500 PLN
Sunkissed highlights/ roots retouch + haircutting450 PLN500 PLN550 PLN
Full blonde + styling *500 PLN570 PLN600 PLN
Full blonde + haircutting*540 PLN600 PLN650 PLN
Metamorphosis800 PLN900 PLN1000 PLN
Airtouch 1000 PLN1500 PLN
Sunkissed highlights (half head) + styling330 PLN350 PLN380 PLN
Sunkissed highlights (half head) + haircutting385 PLN405 PLN435 PLN
Toning + styling210 PLN220 PLN250 PLN
Toning + hair cutting260 PLN280 PLN300PLN
Cover 5 with haircutting 200 PLN 
Styling110 PLN130 PLN150 PLN
Curls/Waves130 PLN150 PLN170 PLN
Updo  250 PLN
Bun  300 PLN
Wedding/occasional hair trial   300 PLN
Wedding bun/updo  450 PLN
Kerastase  130 PLN
Enriched care Kerastase  150 PLN
Olaplex  150 PLN

*Full blonde is a large amount of reflections, lightening along the entire length of the hair strands.
*The price of coloring can be found after a free consultation