The basis of an attractive hairstyle is a perfect, personalised cutting. Prior to cutting, our stylists conduct an interview which helps them choose the right form and type of the hairstyle, so that afterwards you can easily style your hair at home. The Hair Room stylists continuously improve their qualifications and seek inspiration, taking part in numerous workshops and shows. We are not afraid of metamorphosis! On the contrary – we are happy to help you create a “new you”.



In our salon we use the best cosmetics by L’Oréal Professionnel. Due to their innovative formulas they not only allow us to achieve a beautiful colour but also to nourish the hair. Our wide range of products allows us to choose the right cosmetic for each of our clients needs. Our stylists take care of enhancing your natural beauty and your unique style, using different colouring techniques including ombre, sombre, baleyage and pixel.


Hair colouring and cutting always need the right finish. Our team will help you choose the right hairstyle: an informal updo, an elegant bun or an everyday style. The experience we gained on numerous shows, photo shoots and in different contests allows us to create innovative and avant-garde styles. Our main focus is to achieve a final effect which – together with cutting and colouring – forms a coherent whole, matching the look and the personality of each client.



The Hair Room team makes every effort to ensure your wedding day becomes a beautiful and unforgettable memory. We tried to make this day a bride with her stylist and make-up artist could feel like a princess. Our aim is to let you relax and make it easy for our team to create the final effect you will love. We would like each bride to feel like a real princess!


Hair extension using the hairtalk extensions method is the perfect way to grow your hair – the “transient” length does not have to be a chore anymore. Put hair on the tape and enjoy the immediate effect. Or maybe your natural hair is very thin and thin? Hair thickening with hair on tapes is the perfect solution for you! Hair hairtalk extensions will not destroy your own hair and will allow you to enjoy your dream hairstyle.